A successful dyeing facility that should meet all strict pollution treatment norms. Our Inhouse fabric Dyeing & Finishing factory is duly approved by Pollution control Board and makes us your trusted reliable Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter of High Fashion Textiles.


All our looms are equipped with 6 colour weft options and dobbies to offer the maximum flexibility in production. The weaving division uses yarns from Ne 2's to Ne 100's, and uses different raw material like cotton, linen, cotton-linen, polyester, cotton-polyester, etc.


The home-textile sewing division is equipped with a dedicated line to produce stuffed cushion covers & seat cushions. Our production conforms to the highest prevailing quality standards in the industry, with dedicated nominated-quality-controllers to specific customers to ensure the delivery of defect free goods. This is achieved through the effective utilization of machinery and well trained human resources.

Research and Development

The effective research and development lead us in advancing sustainability in manufacturing textile products. The research & development activities aim to manufacture products with sustainable way, environmental friendly and to improve the lifetime of product optimisation to increase the efficiency of processes. The integrated R&D supports future beyond objectives of our organisation and our partners