About Aalishan

AALISHAN EXPORTS is one of the most successful Home textile manufacturers in INDIA.

a country with great potential in the field of home textiles-manufacturing. AALISHAN has acquired a versatile production chain to cater flexible orders in shorter lead-time.

AALISHAN EXPORTS.The company was started in 1965 as Domestic supplier catering several Indian traders and in 2003 entered into Exports.

AALISHAN assures the perfect blend of quality and efficiency. It has arduously re-engineered each step of its value-chain to match the dynamism of the home textile market.


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Perfect Services

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Ultimate Flexibility

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Design & Development keeps AALISHAN one step ahead of other textile- manufacturers.

AALISHAN has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled workforce and introduced integrated technologies, to remain globally up-to- date.

It is truly an organization with a glorious past and a bright future.

Over the years, AALISHAN has manufactured a wide variety of basic products, such as: Table Cloth, Placemat, Apron, Runner, Rugs, pillow, cushion, curtain, bed linen, kitchen towel, oven mitts, etc. Currently, AALISHAN has evolved to the level of manufacturing specialized home textiles- products, by keeping the track of the latest market-trends.

This fully-Fledged section, headed by a textile Design expert, prepares its own seasonal collection According to the latest market-trends.

AALISHAN’s insightful R&D team is always on the lookout for new types of fabrics and products. This helps the Design and Development team and results in better client- management.